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Scholarships Open Doors

New giving option is a way to have immediate impact on students in financial need

If you’re thankful for your experience at Loyola University Chicago School of Law—and the career and
lifelong friendships it launched—consider paying it forward with a scholarship that enables bright and dedicated students from all economic circumstances to access a Loyola law education.

“The School of Law is dependent on the support of our alumni, and scholarships are a key need,” says Assistant Dean for Advancement Nora Kantwill. “As the cost of legal education has continued to rise, we’re grateful for the continuing support of our alumni, many of whom benefited from the generosity of those who came before them.”

Third-year student Xavier Vergara, who holds a Philip H. Corboy Fellowship in Trial Advocacy, says his scholarship “not only alleviates financial burdens but also shows the commitment Loyola has to ensuring a legal education can still be attainable.” A former collegiate football player and economics major, Vergara participates on the Corboy Mock Trial Team and recently completed an externship with the American Medical Association.

Innovative new giving option
Complementing its array of endowed scholarships, the law school has announced an innovative, current-use scholarship program.

The new opportunity scholarships are awarded upon receipt and allow donors to immediately see the impact of their generosity. This program also offers an alternative for those who may not count an endowed scholarship within their philanthropic plans. Because opportunity scholarships provide additional assistance to high-merit, high-need students, the hope is that more of these students will then have the financial support to say yes to the School of Law when making their admission decision.

Opportunity scholarships require a commitment of $10,000 per year for three years, enabling donors to support one student throughout his or her law school journey. “This gives donors a chance to establish a real connection with the students they’re benefiting,” Kantwill says. “If they wish, donors may mentor students, guiding them through their studies, externships, and job searches.”

Two couples, Terry (BS ’66, JD ’70) and Carol Moritz and Edward (JD ’73) and Bobbi Walsh, are the first to sponsor opportunity scholarships. “We’re grateful to the Moritzes and the Walshes for becoming the inaugural supporters of this new scholarship program,” Kantwill says. Endowed scholarship funds, which provide support in perpetuity but usually require a longer term to fully fund, remain a popular option with many law school donors, Kantwill notes.

“Through a mix of opportunity scholarships and endowed scholarships,” she says, “we’re pleased to be able to offer alumni and other donors alternatives for supporting the talented students of today and tomorrow.” 



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