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2022 Loyola Law Alumni Awards Nomination Form

2022 Loyola Law Alumni Awards Nomination Form
Law Alumni Award Nominations

The Office of Law Advancement and Alumni Relations is calling for nominations from the annual Law Alumni Awards.

This ceremony recognizes the accomplishments and diverse backgrounds of our alumni who make not only professional contributions but serve their communities and Loyola mission. 

Nominations for the Fall 2022 awards will be accepted through March 1, 2022, for the awards listed below. All nominations will be reviewed and selected by the Office of Alumni Relations, Law Alumni Board of Governors Nominations Committee and Dean of the School of Law. 

Recipients will be notified of their selection and presented with the award at the annual celebration and dinner. 

If you wish to nominate a member of our alumni community after the March 1 deadline, the nomination will be held for the following year.  

Distinguished Jurist Award
The Law Alumni Association established this award in 2004 to recognize an alumnus/a who has distinguished him/herself by outstanding service on the bench. Many of Loyola's graduates have contributed to the promotion of justice in our society by serving with distinction on federal and state courts. This annual award recognizes the contributions of one of those jurists.

Francis J. Rooney/St. Thomas More Award
This award was originated in 1970 and is given annually by the School of Law in recognition of continuous and outstanding loyalty and dedicated service to the School of Law.

Medal of Excellence
This award is given annually by the Law Alumni Association to an alumnus/a or faculty member for distinguished service to the legal profession and for loyalty and service to the School of Law. Award winners have demonstrated privately and professionally the quality of character, intellect and social or professional responsibility that the School of Law nurtures

Public Service Merit Award
This award was established in 2013 to recognize an alumnus/a who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to public service and social justice in his/her career.

St. Robert Bellarmine Award
This award was established in 1985 by the Law Alumni Association to honor alumni who have been in practice for 15 years or less and who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the profession and to the School of Law by creating growth in a given field and shown future potential, as well as extending beyond traditional mentoring to create new pathways for future graduates.

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Nominee Information


Please provide a statement (no more than two pages) detailing why you believe this nominee should be considered for this award. The statement should answer the following questions as appropriate:

  • What are your nominee's outstanding achievements that merit recognition by the Loyola law and alumni communities?
  • How do those achievements fulfill the criteria of the award?
  • What impact has your nominee had on the profession, service, or community in which he/she has been active?
  • How has your nominee maintained his/her interest in, support of, and involvement with the School of Law since graduation? (Service to the law school is not a prerequisite for all awards, but your response will help in the decision-making process.)
  • Has your nominee's work had an influence in the broader community beyond his/her sphere of vocational or volunteer achievement?
  • Why is this the appropriate time in your nominee's life or career for this recognition to be awarded?

If you encounter problems with this form or would like to provide additional details or letters of support/recommendation from others who know your nominee, please email lawalumnievents@luc.edu.

Selection Process
The alumni association welcomes nominations for membership from all alumni and members of the University community. A committee made up of members of the association's Board of Governors reviews the materials submitted for each candidate and selects those persons whose achievements most closely fit the criteria for the Board. The names of those selected are then recommended to the Board and the Dean of the law school for election. 

The deliberations of the awards committee and the Board are kept confidential. Those individuals elected are then notified and announced in July.


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